All About The Module

Get engaged is an online resource for practitioners who supervise university students in their workplace as part of a university degree.

What Is Workplace Learning?

Workplace learning (WPL) also known as work-integrated learning (WIL), refers to a set of learning and teaching strategies that enable students to experience their future professional roles and responsibilities in real workplaces with suitable supervision.

Benefits Of WPL For Workplaces

The benefit to business of taking on students starts with the obvious   “try before you buy” and the reduction of recruiting costs. However, it goes beyond that as it provides the opportunity for an organisation to develop their own personnel’s abilities in activities such as mentoring new talent and supervise students in the workplace.

Engagement before Placement

A successful placement experience depends on numerous factors – many of them arising prior to the placement itself. Adequate preparation on the part of the university, the student, the workplace student supervisor and the workplace can mean the difference between a successful placement and one that has negative repercussions for all parties involved.

Engagement During Placement

First, some good news! Adequate preparation prior to the placement experience reduces the risk of problems occurring during the placement itself. If you haven’t already, go back and read the BEFORE section of the module to learn more about how you can prepare as a supervisor prior to the student arriving in your workplace.

Engagement After Placement

Congratulations! You’ve completed a student placement. Ideally, supervising a student in your workplace should be a rewarding and inspiring activity.